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Celebrate, Collaborate, Cater... Private Cooking Parties

From wine recommendations to party favors and special requests, we guarantee a seamless event planning experience and an unforgettable cooking party filled with camaraderie and fun! Create your memorable event today!


Birthday parties, anniversaries, family reunions, baby showers, retirement celebrations, you name it- a cooking party is a unique and interactive treat for your guests. Run your event like a cooking class, team building event, or chef competition. Cook together and then use our event space to host your other party activities: gift opening, speeches, games, dancing, etc. Our house is your house.


We will collaborate to design custom menus and you can decide if you prefer an interactive event with your guests, or we can do the cooking for you with the option for a full-service, multi-course meal.


Saga Hill is a cut above in that we offer in-house catering. Let our chefs dazzle your guests' tastebuds at your next soiree.

Kevin & Dulcie Campana

We are "over-the-top" fans of Saga Hill cooking school! As a couple it's a great place to go for a date night, it's a chance to learn something new about cooking, and the food we learn how to cook becomes a great meal. We have shared the wonderful Saga Hill experience with our family members and have met many new friends as we have worked together in cooking the various courses under Marianne's guidance. Thanks to Marianne and Lauren, Saga Hill is one of our favorite places to go in the twin cities. Aside from memorable experiences we also consider them two good friends. We can't wait to go to next semester's class! We'd take this any day over a Twins' or Vikings' game.