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You're one-of-a-kind... Now your bridal event is too

Impress your family and friends with an original event tailored just for you! Guests will bond by working together to create a delicious meal. Use our event space to host your next reception!

How does it work? ▼


EVENT LENGTH: The space is yours for the night!

Unite your families through an interactive and
collaborative cooking experience!


Perks? ▼


Free planning!

Budget friendly!

Full service!

Awesome location!

Catering available!

Bridal + Groom Showers
Bachelorette Parties
Rehearsal Dinners
We’ve all been there, crammed into someone’s living room playing dice games for tupperware. If you’re lucky you’ll have another party to attend...let us help switch it up! Wine and cheese tasting, custom menus and flexible pricing...doesn’t that sound better?

Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties

Impress the bride-to-be with an original event tailored to her friends and family. Guests will bond, not simply through name-games, but by working together to create a delicious meal. Use our event space to host a reception with gifts and any other ceremonious activities you'd like. Add decorations, flowers, music playlists, and any other personal touches to make the space your own- free of charge. If the guest of honor plans to leave the family's culinary pursuits to the groom, come in for a wine and cheese tasting, or let us do the cooking for you.

Bachelor Parties and Groom's Showers

These events typically carry the connotation of power tools and whiskey shots, while partaking in some form of extreme sport. Don't get us wrong, we promote men being manly, but you still have to eat. Come to Saga Hill to flex your culinary muscles. Custom menus mean you can prepare as many proteins as the groom can eat. Learn pro-tips for filleting, grilling, and getting the most flavor out of your favorite dishes. Our flexible pricing and event options lend well to incorporating some of those stereotypical Bachelor Party activities to your celebration.

Rehearsal Dinners

Unite your families through an interactive cooking class. Split them into teams for a collaborative cooking endeavor. Or come and enjoy our private event space and let us take care of the cooking.

Nathan Olund

My wife and I have always shared a special bond in the kitchen and it undoubtedly blossomed from our parents' passion for delicious, wholesome, and satisfying foods. So when planning our rehearsal dinner we knew the food being served would be of the utmost importance. As a couple we had built so many happy memories in each of our individual family's kitchens, so we sought to recreate those experiences on a much larger scale. Saga Hill was the clear choice in our minds for so many reasons. They had the space to easily accommodate our group. The location was unique, beautiful, and close to our other wedding events. Our previous experiences with the staff gave us confidence that every detail would be ideal. We were able to choose our a unique menu that was sure to please everyone. We announced our plans for the rehearsal dinner and it almost eclipsed the excitement our guests had for the wedding! The highly attentive staff made sure everything went according to plan, and even added touches of their own to make the dinning room warm and inviting. I know our families will continue to talk about this dinner for years. We couldn't be more delighted with the outcome and would recommend Saga Hill to anyone looking for a uniquely personal cooking experience for their wedding events. 

Lindsay Olson

I would highly recommend this for a private event (I'm sure their classes are great too!). We were there Saturday for a bachelorette party and it was the perfect venue. Having an activity to do kept people busy and allowed for natural mingling for people who didn't know each other that well. Marianne was awesome and so flexible...our guests didn't arrive exactly on time but we got everything made and sat down to eat. There was no rushing at all from the staff. Setting up everything with Lauren the events director was extremely easy- they were able to accommodate our special requests and the price was very reasonable. The location is fine.. particularly since they have their own parking lot and it's very close to all the NE bars if you are going out after. The food turned out great and everyone had a fabulous time!